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I love this!

I've been stalking newgrounds looking for some good punk. I really love your singer's voice, he's got the kind of voice you pay attention to. But if i may give a crit?

I think the guitar+bass sometimes goes offbeat with the drums, sometimes with the vocals too. It's like you guys have a same idea of what this song should sound like, but, you're all doing it on your own beat.

This would be a great song, if only it was just a tad more in-time with everything else. (and maybe a little faster, lol! )

love and best wishes to you!

aLMiGHTyBuDDaH responds:

thanks for your suggestions and your support! i really appreciate it. the reason everything might be ever so slightly out of sync is because well, i am the only person in the band so i played all the instruments. (not an easy task). but please make sure you keep on checking in ill have more coming. you can go to myspace.com/justinsmithrocks to get a little more of the song i write.

very lovely

I am a fan of classical, not particularily avid, but when something as sweet as this is available... <3

big love for this song! bravo. :3

Sir, i think you are made of win. :3

i love your voice and your style. i think you've won me over as another fan, :)

please keep making such wonderful music!

Harrysjm responds:

thanks so much...that makes 3 fans now=]

love this!

this is the kind of thing i love to listen to. Thank you for all your own, very wonderful and kind reviews on my own music, and, in your own words, 'thank you for this song'. :3

i'm putting this on my ipod... <3

Harrysjm responds:

thanks! feel free to check out my others. and pm if you want me to e-mail you my new album

this is the kind of music i need more of

i love music like this. you have a gentle voice, and your guitar work is very nice. please keep making great music!

jay-kellom responds:

well thank you so much, please visit


for more


the audio quality is awesome, and the music is very mellow but cool. I imagined a comedy about some poor gamer being bored out of his mind, then reliving his success weeks later, like a jock who peaked in highschool...



Yes! it's back! and it's more awesome than the first!

good job!

LenardNotLenny responds:

Wait... this isn't the re-done one... Oh well. Thanks for the ten.

beutiful voice!

Very, very lovely voice!

i like her voice better than the original singer of this piece. :)


it was good, by the end of it was bouncing a bit in time to the beat. the Intro was good, too. But my favoruite definately was at 1:10. :3 that was a cool effect thingamabobber.

can't wait for more!

japetheape responds:

Thanks for the review,

I wasn't sure if I wanted to change the beat around at 1:10 or not but in the end I decided to leave it the same. More will come soon so just watch and wait :D.


hee hee hee....! this is cute, and very creative! no instruments at all? really? props!


the only crit i would give, is maybe, just maybe, try to keep a teeny bit of consistency? the melody and feel of the song switched up alot of tmes, which isn't bad! but, it's my two cents. :) and two cents aren't much, so no worries. :)

vlequang responds:

Ah thanks! I need those two cents, I'm jobless these days!


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