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The On Going Flash Journal 5

2008-04-09 00:13:07 by TheAlbinoButterfly

So i took in the material i had to get critiqued on monday from VFS.

They said alot fo nice things and took some pictures and one storyboard piece back to vancouver.

but the biggest, most gratifying part was when they said i could skip fundamentals if i decided to go. That means they think i'm good enough i don't need fundamentals.

my brain exploded from joy.


now i just need to focus on resting, and repairing my computer which died from all the long hours of work. So no flash to newgrounds yet. but soon. very soon.

mua ha ha.


The On Going Flash Journal 5


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2008-04-09 03:21:49

Died? Really? Completely? Entirely? Forever?
Well that sucks, good luck with everything.

TheAlbinoButterfly responds:

i don't know the technical details but it was something about my motherboard and processor, and apparently my system was 'running hot' which caused my video card to die.


thank you for the wishes of luck!


2008-04-15 15:32:41

<3 U


2008-04-15 16:04:16

Oooo cool art dude.


2008-04-25 19:58:42

Can't wait to see it.


2008-07-24 09:04:58

thats amazing, i envy you