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The On-Going Flash Journal 3

2008-04-05 17:26:00 by TheAlbinoButterfly


two days leffffttt!!


actually, no, doomsday won't hapen tommorow or on the day i specified, and if it does i assure you the last thing i say before we're all blown to frag will be, 'HA! karma.... 8D'

why karma, why not irony? well, i'm not saying i'm a saint.

okay maybe i need sleep, i feel less and less socially responsible, for example, last night instead of sleeping or aniating, my god i had drinks with friends and let me tell you! when intelligent scientist-brainy type friends hump trees for five dollars, you know you're in the right crowd!

at any rate, i'd say i'm 70% done until i'll allow myself to sleep.

i woke up with a swollen eye. Jeff says he loves me, but when i wake up with a swollen eye, maybe that's when he strilkes, when i'm sleeping. He gets the cat and rubs it on my face when i'm sleeping. For revenge. he's out to get me.

i'm buying this shirt then i'm going back to animating.

the shirt


The On-Going Flash Journal 3


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2008-04-05 19:22:19

Can't wait to see the flash. The art looks phenomenal.

TheAlbinoButterfly responds:


thanks, lenard! I can't wait to show it off, i've worked so hard.

i hope your music is going well!