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Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - February 9th, 2009

Well, it's been almost a year since i last posted any news of anything i may be doing. Since then, I've come a bit of a long way. But, i'm still keeping up with animating. :D

I've got a project i'm keeping on the down-low, waiting until i have a few minutes of it completed before posting anything, but i will show a screen cap of me animating at 2000%.

I'm sad about this part, because, she's so detailed and you dont see her when viewing it at 100%. She's just this orange thing moving. You can tell it's a faerie, but, you can't see all the detail.

wooooot comeback yay!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZZADbu bu0Y

[the on-going flash journal 6] Pack it up, pack it in, Let me begin, I came to win.

Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - April 9th, 2008

So i took in the material i had to get critiqued on monday from VFS.

They said alot fo nice things and took some pictures and one storyboard piece back to vancouver.

but the biggest, most gratifying part was when they said i could skip fundamentals if i decided to go. That means they think i'm good enough i don't need fundamentals.

my brain exploded from joy.


now i just need to focus on resting, and repairing my computer which died from all the long hours of work. So no flash to newgrounds yet. but soon. very soon.

mua ha ha.


The On Going Flash Journal 5

Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - April 6th, 2008

1 Day Left until i go crazy.


progress is being made!

-falls asleep at desk. tablets make awkward pillows.-

The On-Going Flash Journal 4

Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - April 5th, 2008


two days leffffttt!!


actually, no, doomsday won't hapen tommorow or on the day i specified, and if it does i assure you the last thing i say before we're all blown to frag will be, 'HA! karma.... 8D'

why karma, why not irony? well, i'm not saying i'm a saint.

okay maybe i need sleep, i feel less and less socially responsible, for example, last night instead of sleeping or aniating, my god i had drinks with friends and let me tell you! when intelligent scientist-brainy type friends hump trees for five dollars, you know you're in the right crowd!

at any rate, i'd say i'm 70% done until i'll allow myself to sleep.

i woke up with a swollen eye. Jeff says he loves me, but when i wake up with a swollen eye, maybe that's when he strilkes, when i'm sleeping. He gets the cat and rubs it on my face when i'm sleeping. For revenge. he's out to get me.

i'm buying this shirt then i'm going back to animating.

the shirt


The On-Going Flash Journal 3

Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - April 1st, 2008


5 Days left! here's scene 11!

so far, it's going Great, Edwyn Tiong has agreed to voice as Dane, the antagonist. Laura Post has agreed to play Zichelle, and Mr. Deflektor has agreed to make a audio track.

And i'm making good headway, Mr. Tiong and I made the final script last night, as well as i finished the storyboards at the same time. So now all i have to do is piece it all together.

The On Going Flash Journal 2

Posted by TheAlbinoButterfly - March 26th, 2008

+May 26th+

So yay! starting a flash journal. Um, so i am making a flash, for a portfolio piece to get into VFS. VFS is short for 'Vancouver Film School', just in case you didn't know. ;)

and here's the fun part!

i only have until April 7th to finish!!! D: CRAP!

Progress goes by very, very very slowly. I've had two major setbacks. One being, my mother is passing on from us, and i've been trying to be here at my home and there at hers as much as i can for both. She ushers me back to my life when i get too sappy, or when she gets sick of me and my trying to make sure she has enough pillows, enough water, enough food. 'mom, are you okay?' every five minutes. i think she gets annoyed, real quick! XD

the other one is i'm sickly with the monthlies. daaaaaaammmmnnnnn iiiiitttt....!!

*superman theme trumpets loudly!*


*battle roar*

The On-Going Flash Journal